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Neema Paralegal Services Ltd,
2 Laburnum Road, Wakefield, UK

The Company Profile


Neema Paralegal Services Ltd is a new business established in April 2018 by an enthusiastic foreign lawyer, on basis of an invented model, to serve law firms and the public at large, not only in UK, but the overseas institutions as well. The incentive to incorporate the company is to bridge the gap between the UK unique practices, Middle East and North Africa (MENA), through letting the concerned law firms make use of the traditions of the UK paralegal services, and spread the paralegal services culture in the targeted region/s. It is a full fledge services center, starting with Legal research, legal translation and even photocopying and lamination. Its services will be extended to local and overseas law firms first and all other institutions and individuals, with maintenance of confidentiality, professionalism and integrity.

Practice's Area

1- Legal Research; includes researches in Qatari, Sudanese and English law, to help the concerned institutions in preparing their legal exercises via data collection, sorting out of data and translation of the same. The company is not rendering legal advices or handling the regulated legal services by any means whatsoever.
2- Legal translation from Arabic to English, French to English and vice versa. Such translation will be handled by qualified translators/interpreters who are of high caliber and unprecedented experience, to meet the high standard of the company.
3- Research assistance with theses and dissertations which include research design, methodology and statistical analysis as well as editing and proofreading.
4- Photocopying documents, lamination and binding for our clients as special services for clients, based on prearrangements and appointments. The company is not offering such services for the public at large.
5- Other paralegal services which will be detailed soon on gradual process.

Our Mission

1- Maintain and promote the cause of paralegal services by creating a new model of services and working closely with overseas clients.
2- Offer unprecedented paralegal services to individuals, firms and corporate organizations.
3- Provide research assistance of a high standard to both graduate and undergraduate students.
4- Promote legal knowledge and practices in paralegal services sector.

Our Clients

As a new company with enthusiasm and solid plan for attracting clients locally and internationally, we start with two reputable overseas institutions. Our clientele list currently includes the following:2- Offer unprecedented paralegal services to individuals, firms and corporate organizations.

A. Justice Law Firm - Qatar.
B. Madad Intellectual Property and Services- Qatar.
C. Abbas Fathelrahman Law Firm- Sudan.


The company delivers its services mainly in English and Arabic languages.

Our Staff

The company starts its endeavor with the efforts of its founder Manal Yaseen Omer Ahmed, a Sudanese lawyer holding LLB from University oh Khartoum – Sudan, post graduate certificate from University of London and Master of Political Science from University of Khartoum. The recruitment of the other staff is in progress. It will be punctually announced as occurred.

Despite the fact that they are not member staff of the company, it is utilizing the assistance of qualified specialists working overseas in some entities which have cooperation agreements with it and some freelancers. For example in legal research in Qatari and Sudanese laws, it utilizes the efforts of Dr. Ahmed Osman Omer, a member staff of Justice Law Firm in Qatar, with which the company has cooperation agreement. You may check the profile of the said law firm and the credentials of its staff through the following link:


Contact Details

Company's Location

Neema Paralegal Services Ltd
2 Laburnum Road


Phone: +44 (0)1924902817
Email: myomer@neema-legal.co.uk
Website: www.neema-legal.co.uk